Schedule-A-Ride: (906) 387-4845 (48-hour notice required in outlying areas)
Schedule-A-Ride: (906) 387-4845
(48-hour notice required in outlying areas)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the buses accommodate children in strollers?

Every bus can accommodate children in strollers as long as 2 criteria are met. Children and strollers must be secured with children remaining in strollers, forward facing, if the stroller is both of sturdy, rigid frame, and they contain the child in a five point harness. Lightweight, collapsible strollers, and strollers of any variety without a five-point harness must be safely stowed, and child held by an adult. 3 wheel “jogging strollers” that cannot be secured by 4-points, must be secured and the child held by an adult.

What is the age for Seniors for discounted fares?

The age for Seniors for Altran discounts is age 65.

Can Altran transport people in wheelchairs?

Yes, Altran has a fleet of vehicles with wheelchair lifts that are handicap accessible.

Why do I have to schedule my ride in advance?

Demand response service requires 24-hour notice in advance for scheduling. Calling ahead helps us to pick you up on time and to schedule rides in the most efficient manner, filling up the bus/van instead of transporting 1-2 people at a time. Advance notice allows us to group riders together so we do not have buses crossing paths, wasting time and resources. Transportation service for pre-scheduled medical appointments, work, and other appointments get preferential treatment over non-scheduled transportation appointments.

My mother is elderly in a wheelchair and occasionally needs my assistance. Do I also have to pay to ride with her to her appointments?

No. All necessary attendants ride at no charge regardless of the origin or destination points. This means that even if your mother is just going shopping her attendant does not have to pay a fare.

What happens if I schedule a ride and someone else picks me up and I forget to cancel my trip?

You must cancel at least an hour (60 minutes) before your scheduled pick up. If you do not cancel for an existing ride it will result in a “no-show”, which you will be required to pay for on your next reserved trip. If a pattern of no-shows/cancellations is established, ALTRAN will be forced to ban offenders from using our service. This unnecessarily costs you as well as other taxpayer’s money.  Altran has a “No Show” policy that states that Altran will suspend privileges for excessive cancellations or No-Shows.

How long do you keep the buses for?

The State of Michigan mandates that we use the buses for 7 years or 200,000 miles whichever comes first before we can ask for a replacement bus. It can take up to 3 years after requesting for a replacement before we actually receive the replacement bus.  

Why do I see empty buses or with minimal people traveling throughout Alger County?

The State of Michigan mandates that each vehicle accumulate 10,000 miles per year on each vehicle to be eligible for replacement.

How is Altran funded?

Altran is funded 18% by federal dollars and approximately (varies year-to-year) 36% by state dollars. The remainder of our funding is through local funding sources consisting of millage from Alger County and fares received either from the farebox receipts or from agency contracts.

Why doesn’t Altran do weddings anymore?

Federal Department of Transportation regulations do not permit public transit agencies to provide charter services when there are private companies registered in the area that are willing to do the service.